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Heybeli Thermal Tourism Center


It is located 30 km away from the center of Afyon on  Afyon-Konya highway  .


 The  history of Spas date back to Roman empire period . According to tablet incriptions found in the area  ; A kind of antique spa  was operated in a  Roman village named Leonte Comte .

It is also written and mentioned in the church charts during the byzantine era .


Heybeli Spas water temperature is  56.5 ° C, flow rate 64 l / s.  and chemical spesifications are Ca, Na, HCO3, and SO4 . Water is a thermo mineral type water.


 The spa water used to treat rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, endocrine system diseases, digestive system diseases and disorders of bone and calcification, a marker of nervous system disorders and metabolic disorders are treated.


All seasons are available to accomodate and transportation is very easy by car or buses available from Afyon city Centre.

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