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Adana Archaeological Museum: The museum is located on E-5 highway and founded  in 1924. Adana archeological museum is also the museum of the region whilst the historical artifacts  found from the excavations  in neighbourhoods (  Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, Mersin, Tarsus, misis)  are exhibited in the museum

Museum of Ataturk's House: Museum Building is one of the traditional Adana houses built over seyhan street in 19th century .

House formed by The two-story, pitched roof and a masonry structure. Due to these features, the Ministry taken the house under protection and declared it as  "Immovable Cultural Property to Be Protected".

When Ataturk came and visited Adana in March 15 1923, he was hosted and stayed in this house. Building was restored and converted to a museum in 1981 .  personal clothes ,  portreys statues belonging to Ataturk and local hand made rugs ,carpets . photos depicting the scenes from independance war of Turkey and old guns , are exhibited in the museum. Every year march 15 the arrival of Ataturk to Adana city celebrated in the city and museum.

Adana Ethnography Museum: it was opened as a result of an arrangement made in the Greek church. located in kurukopru district.

In the museum 2950 archeological artifacts , five thousand ethnographic artifacts, 3500 seals  and  346 court order from the  Ottoman period  are exhibited and can be seen by visitors.

Misis Mosaic Museum: located 20 km away from Adana and  by the Seyhan River side. There are many historical findings from Hittite, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic (Arab, Seljuk and Ottoman) periods are available in the museum In addition, mosaics  found from a church dating to the fourth century are  also stored here.


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