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Anazarva is the place, known as Caesarea or Anazarbus, in the Roman Empire located in the Kozan district 28 Km. to the south of Adana.  The small village built just outside the ancient city is called Dilekkaya.


We almost have no information about the history of Anazarva before the Roman empire period.City began to be called as Caesarea or Anazarbus after the visit of Emperor Augustus B.C 19.


Anazarva had supoorted the Septimus Severus during the conflict of him against Pescennius Niger for ruling the Roman empire . After   Septimus severus defeated  Niger City was awarded and started to live its most brilliant period of history.


City was metropolice  of Isaurian , Likaonia and Cilicia states in A.D. 204 205 years.


 A.D. Anavarza such as the other cities also Anavarza conquered by  Sassanid King of Cilicia ( Sapur ) in 260 A.D.

  A.D. 4. in the time of  emperor Theodosius, Anavarza became the capital of the province Founded in 408 Cilicia Secunda (second Cilicia) which founded in 408.


City was damaged by the eartquake occured in 525 A.D and it was renovated and restored in  525 by Emperor Justinian and took the name Justiniapolice.


 But after the second time in 561 suffered from a  catastrophic earthquake

city has undergone a major plague.   

 Followed by the rise of Islam Anavarza remained a buffer zone between the Arabs and the Byzantines and frequently changed hands between the two sides for centuries.


 After setting up the city again in 796  Caliph elResid Mutavakil (846 861), actively worked to develop the city . He got rebuilt the Sis castle and built many other structures for the city.


Byzantium empire had captured the  Nicephorus Phocas Tarsus and Mopsuhestia castles together with  Anavarza castle in 10th century.

Anavarza city was  totally devastated and collapsed when Memlukians demolished the little armenian Kingdom in 1375 and This historical ancient site have never used once again laters on.

 Today the castle located on the top of the steep hill is  a wonderfull place to visit and take pictures.


Anavarza castle is also used by mountain climbers and trekking fans. Watching Sunset gives you a relaxing peace,  after a tiring walk up to castle

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Mark Wurr
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trekking destination in Turkey
Anazarva is a good destination for the ones who likes climbing. After and exhausting climb up reaching a great historical castle with a wonderfull will make you forget your tiredness.