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Yumurtalik is one of the most beautiful coastal district of Adana.

The  first date of  the ancient site Ayas / Aegae site establishment fully not known though it is known that the city was very well known with  one of the Hellenistic world's three Asklepion temple (  as in Pergamum ) .



Ancient  city of Bergama, such as the Hellenistic period, with one of the world's three Asklepion was famous for its Temple.


Ayas was  the most important port city of Mediterranean region during the Middle Ages .  Venetian and Genoese merchants had established colonies over the port of Ayas ancient city.


   The famous traveller ,  Marco Polo  for the travel to China in 1268 departed from  Ayas port and after completing the travel in China he returned Venice   from the same harbor .


Yumurtalik  later on   was ruled by  Turks  also became  an important town and pier.


Works   and artifacts belonging to the ancient city of Aegea  had gathered  and  today exhibited in  a museum , Yumurtalik district.


   In addition, Yumurtalik is an unknown treasure with Atlas  and  Ayas castles from (11th century) and 3 story observation tower which was built in the reign of Süleyman the magnificent (1536) , the Ottoman Bath and Roman Baths, defending walls  .




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