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Sazova Park or in other saying  the Science, Art and Cultural Park, Eskisehir - found in an are on the Kütahya Sazova road.

Sazova Park is the largest park  in Eskisehir with  an area of ​​400 thousand m2 .  A pond, real size pirate ship, castle from fairy tales, science center, amphitheater, playgrounds and leisure areas are available in the park . Especially for families with children  can spend a very enjoyable moments in Sazova Park.  A little free  train is also works to make a trip around park.

The fairy tale castle found in the park takes a great interest by visitors. Castle`s architecture is ver y similar to Disneyland Paris .

Another structure which attracts most of the children is the Pirate Ship which exactly in the same dimensions  of a real ship. A Pirate Ship known as May flower`s  which access the atlantic ocean  has a similar design to one in sazova park.

If you wish  to explore the ship  tickets can be  purchased for 1.5 Tl .

Besides all these attractions waterpark is very suitable for various types of water sports .

There are many playing grounds are also found in the park for children to play and spend time whilst their family enjoy the other facilities.

Scientific and Experimental Center which gave  it`s  name to  Sazova Park is the first planetarium built in (observing  house)  Eskisehir is a section that will appeal to children and adults.

how to get sazova ;

It can be easily reached by scheduled buses from Odunpazari district.


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10 Kasım Cumartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
Ben Sahar
Message :
Sazova park eskisehir
an amazing place located on the way just after the osmangazi university. idea of creating such a lovely place in eskisehir is admirable. The pond, chateou with great architecture, pirate ship, space investigation building is the places to visit and take nice pictures.

12 Haziran Salı, 2012
Name and Surname:
helen morrison
Message :
eskisehir sazova
sazova park being a part of general contemporary design of eskisehir is like a small theme park of a similar monstreous samples in america. recommended to go and visit pirate ship in sazova theme park.