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Kizlaragasi inn ( resthouse)   built by Haji Bashir in 1744 and put in the service of people. Kızlaragasi means ; the lord of the woman  and girls make an interesting impact on feelings of people when first said yet it is just  a name given in time and not any structure related to name can be seen in this historical place.


Kızlaragasi han is a glorious structure with its approximately 500m2  courtyard and total 4000m2'rectangular planned  design. It is one of a unique masterpiece left from Ottoman architecture available in Izmir city.  As the other ottoman style inns ,  a  typical courtyard surrounded by shops can be seen in the Structure.


Kizlaragasi han is the only structure where you can both experience the past and present day.


 Kizlaragasi inn was restored between 1988-1993  and started to serve as a historical bazaar .  Today many small  shops selling a wide variety of crafts, all kinds of souvenirs, carpets, rugs, silver jewelry, apparel, hookahs and supplies, leather clothes are available around courtyard. And a tea house  with little wooden chairs and  small tables is serving wonderfull Turkish teas in the middle of courtyard.



Kizlaragasi inn located in the kemeralti district in Konak .  It is a bit complicated to find kizlaragasi inn by writing  yet when you get in Kemeralti whoever you ask can show you the location of Kizlaragasi inn.


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27 Temmuz Cuma, 2012
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Umut Haşim
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Kizlaragasi is an AMAZING place! Its very historical. U should go see it. Lots of shopping malls around.

6 Mayıs Pazar, 2012
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julie davies
Message :
izmir kizlaragasi
i felt like i am wandering around in medieval times in Turkey. Kizlaragasi is a great historical place embed in the modern life while protecting its own spirit.