Izmir > kus cenneti ( bird paradise )

Izmir Bird paradise has a priviliged and important  natural living area with  the habitats possesed ;  such as lagoons , marshes , grasslands , salt ponds.


Due to its different ecosystems, 220 bird species can be  observed in Izmir kus cenneti over 450 bird species which can be observed in the whole  country .


Izmir birds paradise is a place  where 59 species of birds incubate  among these 59 brooding species  39 of them  are protected species,  increase the value  and popularity of Izmir Birds paradise natural park.


Among  these species, especially Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant and Lesser Kestrel are the species in danger of extinction.


 "The main species brooding in  Izmir Bird Paradise are  Flamingos, Dalmatian pelicans, storks, lesser kestrel, mallards, shelducks, oyster catchers, Avocet, sea swallow, Silver Gull, Longshanks, crested lark, Bee-eater, Wheatear.


Besides hundreds of different birds many other species like  freshwater and marine fish, 3 frogs, 5 snakes, 5 lizards, four frog species  and mammals like wild boar, fox, jackal, rabbit, marten, Badger, Weasel, Hedgehog and live  in Izmir birds paradise natural park.




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izmir kus cenneti
bird paradise of izmir is a great place for the bird watchers and observers. Many unique species can only be observed in this national park .