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Izmir Clock Tower

Clock  tower is a structure which was built by the Grand Vizier Sait Pasa in 1901 by an order given to him from sultan to celebrate the 25 th anniversary of sultan abdulhamid`s accession to the throne.

The clock tower decorates Konak Square like a pearl.  Architecture of the clock tower  consists  of a  very rich mixture of pointed arches, little domes  , handmade traditional muqarnas  shapes and stone masonry with geometric figures . Elegant  surrounding of structure creates a wonderfull view and touristic attraction .

The  clock of the tower  was donated by the German Emperor II.Wilhelm.  Clock Tower is adopted as a symbol of Izmir .  the room located under the clock tower of izmir surrounded by fountains from all sides.

Fountains used by many people who gets thirsty and used for cleaning and washing before call to pray. Water fountains are also is a kind of water supply for the pigeons living around clock tower.

When you get konak square of izmir you will see the clock tower in the middle and thousands of pigeons on and around it.

Do not worry if you forget your camera there is photographers are available who can take your photo and give in a second with oldstyle instant cameras. Many birdseed sellers also can be seen in case if you`d like to feed hundreds of birds around you.

How to go clock tower of izmir ;

It is located in the most well known konak square of Izmir. From Karsiyaka you can reach by ferryboat or bus , from bornova by metro and bus and from buca , hatay,  gaziemir etc. By bus is the ways to get Konak square.


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7 Mayıs Pazartesi, 2012
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nikolay suchkov
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izmir saat kulesi
izmir saat kulesi how is called in turkish for the watch tower. I felt like a bird released for freedom when i was feeding thousands of birds flying around me next to izmir saat kulesi.