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Mesir macunu is a kind of paste , prepared by 41 different spices  like ginger, cloves, coriander, saffron , cinnamon  and some sugar.


It is believed that this paste ( mesir macunu )   gives people the power and helps curing and healing the diseases.

A traditional festival  for the name of mesir paste is held every year on March 22 in Manisa province of Turkey . In this festival from the top of Sultan’s mosque ( a famous mosque in Manisa ) mesir pastes are spreaded to the folks. This is a very old tradition which  has been held since 16th century .


 According to a rumor, Yavuz Sultan Selim( Ottoman Sultan )  and his wife Hafsa Sultan, who is the mother of Sultan Suleyman got built a health  complex in Manisa. Head Master of this complex was used to give mesir  preparation  to heal and cure the patients . In time this habit turned into a public tradition . Another rumor says  that the mesir paste had healed to a severe disease of Ottoman sultan Yavuz sultan selim’s wife  so later on both to congratulate and make people also healthier . Every year in 22th of March spreading mesir macunu became a tradition.


Mesir macunu also very well known and popular  with it’s aphrodisiac effects.

 Today Mesir macunu ( mesir pastes ) can be seen in many different forms.  Mesir chocolotes , mesir jars , candies , mesir teas, mesir gums , Turkish delights with mesir flavors.


Mesir pastes can  not be easily found in every province of Turkey. Mesir macunu is a very well known by every each Turkish people yet it is not popular as turkish delights or chocolates.  Manisa is the headquarter for the sales besides in Big cities like Istanbul , Ankara and Izmır mesir products can be purchased . Unfortunately this special and peculiar taste beloning to Turkey is not usually sold in touristic areas.



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4 Kasım Pazar, 2012
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Candy Crowley
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extra ordinary foods from Turkey
I am keen on culinary and i also love eating and since 35 years i aint like anything except Turkish foods and Turkish cuisine and Mesir macunu is the most unique flavor you can ever try in your life time. I call it as A spicy, sweet enery bar.

30 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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robert ressel
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turkish food
Mesir Macunu sollte man nicht in zu grossen Mengen zu sich nehmen :-)) Es erhöht in jeder Hinsicht die Performance :-))

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