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 Fake and counterfeit products in Turkey

 It can be said that  Turkey is a little China in view of  counterfeit products .  Basically fake products are sold all around Turkey however  the brands  , types and mass of the products varies from region to region.

Especially in touristic places;  knockoffs ( fake goods)  are very popular and can be seen in every corner of the city.  As almost 90 percent of foreign visitors in Turkey like or prefer to buy fake goods.

 Sellling fake products are illegal  in Turkey as in all other countries however  sellers take the risk of going prison by selling these products. The massive  demand by people to fake products keep and increase the popularity of these goods.

 Famous brands leather bags such as  , mullbery , Louis Vitton , Gucci, Chanel , Burberry etc. Rolex, vacheron constantin , Frank Muller , Breitling , Bulgari, Rado watches , Nike, Puma , Lacoste, Adidas, reebok shoes , t-shirts , equipments counterfeit products  are usually available and sold in many shops , local markets and even on streets.

If you are not planning to buy tens of fake stuff  , buying imitation goods from Turkey is not a big deal and issue in general in  customs. However do not put the knockoffs in a wrapped bag or boxes to your suitcases . The custom polices can subject you a penalty or make you leave them to junk station.

The quality of products are very far from the original ones yet there are also good copies are available with higher prices.

 If you are buying a fake product definetely ask for a receipt from the place and keep it safe in case of any situation you can encounter in customs.

 Do not get cheated by the some malicious sellers who want to sell the fake goods as they are originals.

 It is not recommended to buy fake stuffs but it is almost inevitable not to buy one whe you are surrounded with them.


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23 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
barney williams
Message :
buying a louis vitton bag in turkey
if you have enough time especially in istanbul and have a good friend who knows istanbul you can get produced any model you want privately for you. it is going to cost a bit more expensive than usual and common fakes however it will only br produced for you.

18 Mayıs Cuma, 2012
Name and Surname:
igor milyukov
Message :
shopping fake goods in Turkey
I stayed in Istanbul for 2 days and bought 1 very good quality fake replpica vacheron konstantin. ı believe buying a few fake and good quality products will not make you a trouble in customs

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