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 Ceramic derived from the Greek word  Keramikos meaning clay. Clay when  mixed with water can be easily transformed into the dough format ,  then when it is  cooked , gains a hard, strong structure which does not change .

 Ceramic is the general name for all kinds of raw materials from clay which are  shaped  and fired by molds or lathes

The raw material  of ceramic consisted by mixtures of  metal oxides and  non-metallics; main components are clay, quartz and feldspar materials

  Ceramic was discovered with   hardening of the soil by fire . Transport and storage needs of people had led them  to invent ceramic and since hundreds of years ceramics  pots and pans made for daily needs and  ceramic building bricks , tiles have been used for the constructions


Cinicilik ( cheeneedjheeleek)


Cinicilik is the name given to ceramic decorative items and wall tiles shown in the traditional motifs. Cinicilik is a traditional turkish ceramic art.


This traditional ceramic art first seen and applied  in 11th century on plates , pots and in houses ,  mosques , continued improving and used in more places during ottoman empire with figures reflecting the architecture and lifestyle of the ottomans.

Today cini items mostly produced for the touristic  aims . figures seen on ceramics spotlessly drawn by expert artists.

Generally, tulips, carnations, roses, daggers leaves, hyacinth, garnet, galleons, clouds, insects, imaginary animal motifs, cypress trees, cintemani, chamomile, verbena, miniatur human figures, estuary, lotus,  rumi,  spring branch, geometric shapes, fish scale, a very original designs, such as the tree of life is drawn.

Usually  dark (cobalt), and light blue, turquoise blue, coral red, eggplant purple, green and different shades of green are used in the Coloration.

Almost in all touristic places souvenir shops located in city centres are selling the simple ceramic art items however there are also producers available with more professional designs and qualities. These kind of Ceramic producers usually visited by tourist groups who are in a cultural tour.

Visits with groups can be intriguing for your buying instincts and you can buy something which you really do not want to buy .

If you are interested in buying a handmade ceramic plate with wonderfull figures don`t forget the bargaining rules.

I personally recommend you to buy one of the cini ( special ceramic art) items to have  a nice decoration and memory from Turkey in your living room


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It is 100 percent recommended to buy a Ceramic made Turkish coffee cups to drink the most delicious traditional coffees ever.