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 Pottery in Turkey

Pottery is  the name given to the production of various goods which are made by  clayed soil  and mainly shaped after passing through several stages .

It is not exactly known how the humanity discovered  the pottery however generally accepted assumption is that the people  coincindently  fired  clays  and became aware of  the soil stiffened and turning  more concrete.

the development of pottery, was mainly done right after  by settling down of nomadic tribes.The first pottery made ​​in Anatolia dates back to  'Neolithic' period,  circa 7000 years.First pottery samples were  being shaped with coil-winding style and firing procedure were usually done over an open fire.Sculpting on the wheell was begun with the discovery of the potter's wheel  in BC 3000. During the same period  primitive furnaces have been used for the cooking of the soil.

Today, pottery made ​​in the many  Anatolian settlements  with the mixture of modern techniques and old tecniques used from several thousands of years ago.

For example, today in  the town of Eskisehir [[Sorkun)),  village women applying the same  techniques from Neolithic period  to shaping clay. They make various  items by clay  for domestic use,  bakings are made in open air as it was used to be  done in thousands years ago.

The simple early pottery products are the ancestors of the ceramics today however especially in middle anatolian part of Turkey many simple workshops are available and producing early examples of pottery together with ceramics.

If you are in a trip to cappadocia you will most likely be taken to see one of these pottery workshops and you can also have a chance to try to make a pot via  potter`s wheel however it is not as easy as it seems.  If you are and independent traveller you  can also stop by one of these places and ask for a try.  You can also take  as a nice memory the pot you prepared which most likely would be in a crooked shape.

In a distinctive way from ceramics simple pottery examples are in   dry reddish and yellowish colours .

where to buy and what to buy ;

I can recommend you to buy a pottery product with black figures belonging hittite or phrygian civilizations.

Inka comlekcilik, kacak comlekcilik and guray pottery and ceramics are recommended companies to buy a pottery example.

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