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   Evil eye  (Nazar boncuk )

Evil eye  (Nazar boncuk )  beads and items  prevalently used by Turkish people to get protected from jealous and malicious looks .

  Evil eye beads are blue coloured and having eye shapes over the bead attached to babies swaddles , pillows and used by adult people as a necklace , ring ,bracelet etc.


Evil eye items are not only used on people but also  used in the entrances of the houses , any type of vehicles ; over neck of animals ; on flowers etc.

 Evil eye bead ( nazar boncuk ) get cracked and  shattered  in case of  any malice , jealous looks and thoughts.

 The eye shape of the beads can be explained by the similarity law of J. Fraser.  According to this law ; people use the same method or same things to be protected from evil and bad. The idea of protection from the evil eye created the nazar boncuk ( eye shape )  in time.


The colour of evil eye beads ( nazar boncuk ) is blue . It is believed that the blue colour of evil eye beads are neutralizing the evil  effects with its deep and strong features derived from the sky.


Southeastern anatolia and especially Diyarbakir city use more shiny and glittering evil eye necklaces and bracelets. Locals believe that the shiny items will grip the evil and malicious looks faster.


Using blue evil eye beads is a very old tradition transmitted today by generations. Old turks used to call these evil eye beads as boncuk-moncuk and hung these beads to people who they love and horses which they ride during the wars.

The old Turks believed that the rarely seen  blue eyed people have super natural powers compared the other people and people had needed to hide the blue eyed children from everybody.


I believe every each person living in Turkey has an evil eye bead or item  ( nazar boncugu ) in their home or belongings. You can see the evil eye beads in many different sizes from a very small pins to mansize dimensions.

 You can find evil eyes in anywhere around Turkey . You do not have to be in a touristic place to buy this item.

 I can recommend you to buy many pin evil eye beads or fridge magnets and give them to people you love.


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26 Haziran Salı, 2012
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kate rainy
Message :
necklace shopping in turkey
necklaces made with unique evil eye designs are wonderfull jewelerries to be used with every clothes any time of the year

12 Haziran Salı, 2012
Name and Surname:
jack sunydale
Message :
evil eye against quake
i had a big evil eye hung over my room and it was cracked during the earthquake in oludeniz. the evil eye protected our house .

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