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 Meerschaum( luletasi  in Turkish )  meaning sea foam in german is a soft white mineral ( sepiolite ) .

Archeological investigations had proved that the meerschaum was known and used in different forms even 5 thousands years ago. Today meerschaum mineral stones mostly used in ornamental productions and making smoking pipes.

Meerschaum minerals are today available only in a few lands all over the world such as Turkey , Chech republic , france , Spain , Morroco  and Usa However almost all mineral deposits which can be processed for commercial aims available in Eskisehir city of Turkey.

Meerschaum ( luletasi  ) are found in wet forms under soil. Humidity and wetness of meerschaum minerals let people easier  to work and carve it. Meerschaum gets harder when it is exposed by sun or get dried.

Meerschaum minerals are very rare in nature  so the products made from this mineral is quiet valuable. Especially  Meerschaum carved pipes are very popular as the mineral has a feature of absorbing the nicotine from tobaccos. Colour of the pipes get dark yellowish and gold colour in time . the white and gold colours give a different asthetic to pipes. If you do not like the colour you just need to clean the yellow part by a wet clothe.

As well as the value of mineral, hand made art of the products increase the value and popularity of meerschaum pipes.

All you wonder about meerschaum ;

How can i understand if the meerschaum I buy is not fake ?

The real meerschaum products are durable against fire  , it gets softer in water and gets harder in dry conditions.

Are meerschaum jewelleries reacting allergy on body skin ?

Meerschaum items do not affect body skin . they are so light even very easy to use as earrings , necklaces etc.

are meerschaums easily broken in case of dropping ?

it is difficult to be broken as the meerschaums are soft and light.

Apart from pipes , chess boards , magnets,  jewelleries , key rings , walking sticks, prayer beads etc. are made by meerschaum can be bought in Turkey.


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6 Temmuz Cuma, 2012
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carl hoveman
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what to buy from Turkey
There are numerous things you can buy from Turkey back to your country however it is recommended to buy a meerschaum jewelery which can only be made according to your wishes.

26 Nisan Perşembe, 2012
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piere quebert
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Turkish meerschaum pipes
if you are interested in smoking by pipes turkish made meerschaums are the best in quality and art.