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Before you start bargaining please read the shopping tips.

Bargaining or haggling is very common  almost in every points of Turkey.

First of all check if the shops and environment is suitable for bargaining.

 If the products and goods in the shop are presented without price tags you are one more step ahead then the seller.

Collect price information from different shops before you start bargaining and have an opinion about the average price .

 Do not be very eager to buy and don` t show the seller that you like much the thing you want to buy.  I mean do not give an opportunity  to seller to manage the bargaining.

Do not get excited and do not give sudden decisions  about the deal.

Think of a price range you can handle  yet do not even say if you feel you  can have a better deal.

Try not to shake hands during bargaining as many sellers use  handshakes to persuade customers.

Try not to offer a price and make them give you offers. Many sellers in Turkey ask your offer for the product you want to buy and learn your bargaining limit.

When the sellers give you a price think minimum 25 percent of lower price .

In some  expensive leather , jewellery , carpet etc . shops  start bargaining over the ¼  . as an example ; if the seller bids 2 thousands dollars start bargaining over 5 hundred dollars you will most likely deal in a thousand dollars.

Do not feel you are obligated . If you are not satisfied over all from bargaining just leave it.

Cash is always a big power haggle over  cash money then  you will have the power.

If you get several items you can get more discount  and much more better price.

Do not bargain for bread , minibus  , water  and vegetables sold in markets.  If you do so then the people will blame your attitude.

If  you have any further questions please do not hesitate to  contact me .


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27 Mayıs Pazar, 2012
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shirley hapangama
Message :
shopping in the turkish market
If you have a chance try not to go touristic markets but to real local markets. Touristic markets quiet disturbing with many hassles and complicated prices and bad quality fakes. Real local markets are cheaper , more relaxing and more unique clothes and goods to buy hassle free

26 Nisan Perşembe, 2012
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veysel kadayifcioglu
Message :
business in Turkey
if you are keen on having a business partner in Turkey get ready for bargaining in any situations. Bargaining is the first rule of business yet it should carefully and smoothly operated. You will gain the experience while you practice .