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 Shopping in Turkey

 Shopping facilities in Turkey can be seen in  numerous different forms such as local markets,  small shops , luxurious shops, shopping malls , street sellers , factory outlet stores etc.


Turkey is a very famous country with its shopping facilities. Shopping styles vary from region to region. Especially in the touristic places and western cities of Turkey shops and local markets mostly formed according to demands of tourists. 


If you are in a tourist spot in Turkey such as , Marmaris , Bodrum , Antalya , Kusadasi , Fethiye , Alanya , Kas  etc.  you will see in the shops available mostly in the city centrum. Fake products of world wide famous brands. You can see fake lacoste shoes and t-shirts , louis vitton , hermes leather bags ,  rolex , bulgari watches and fake products in a funny and ironical way called as genuine fakes by sellers .


 Apart from genuine fakes sold in touristic spots you will also see many carpet , leather , jewellery , souvenir shops .


When you  go a bit far from touristic spots to inner part of the country and big cities  shopping styles and shopping habits  sharply change.  In cities wich are not touristic , shops mostly designed for the local life  of the living people in the city.  Shops selling turkish products ,  house holds , original brands . Shoe repairers , book sellers , pharmacies , bake’s ,  electronic shops and modern shopping malls  mostly available in the city centrums different from the touristic spots.


When you go more to eastern and southeastern part of  Turkey . Shops location and shopping mostly formed in the Bedestens ( covered bazaars) . Differently from other parts of Turkey in eastern side you can  find traditionally hand made ceramic, copper , leather , silver etc. products.


It is recommended to buy a traditional product carrying the features of the city itself.

Bargaining is a tradition which is coming from the civilizations had settled in anatolia untill today. However you can bargain or negotiate on prices in shops who doesn’t use any electronic selling system ( where the price labels are not clear and not able to be charged by electronic systems ).

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21 Şubat Perşembe, 2013
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Ellie Winters
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leather jacket shops in istanbul
İ've been recommended to go classy and expensive Derimod and Desa leather shops however prices are really ridiculous. Try local small leather shops in Zeytinburnu where u can find great leather jackets for great offers

26 Aralık Çarşamba, 2012
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Kevin Anderson
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Shopping tours istanbul
If you are going on a daily sightseeing trip in istanbul be sure that you will only go for it. Be carefull of tour organizators which will make you spend more time in the shops than seeing the sights.

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