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Eating habits of the people formed by culture , geography , economy and historical process.  When the Turkish cuisine mentioned ;  Foods and drinks consumed in Turkey  , cooking tools , eating proprities , kitchen and cooking styles must be thougt and understood.

The rich variety  and popularity of Turkish cuisine derived from mainly historical and cultural process.

The  anatolian and asian soils fertility and productivity giving a wide range  of foods, vegetables, fruits and cultural interactions among the civilizations have been lived in the land of Turkey , new tastes which improved and  created in Ottoman empire`s palaces  are the main facts formed the traditional Turkish cuisine .

Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous and well known cuisine  together with French and Chinese cuisines.

Turkish cuisine usually use grains , various types of vegetables , foods prepared by meat and water , soups ,foods with olive oils , pastries, pastas . besides Turkish cuisine have created in thousands years special and unique tastes such as yoghurt , pekmez  (molasses  ), bulgur (cracked wheat).

Mercimek , ezogelin , yoghurt ,yayla soups are the most common and well known soups of Turkish cuisine .

Kebabs , meatballs , and some meat foods cooked in saucepans are the traditional cooks made  by meats.  Doner kebab  is the most famous and well known kebab which can be found anywhere in Turkey . Besides doner Kebab , Adana kebab , Iskender kebab , Urfa kebab  are the most common kebabs in Turkish cuisine.

As much as meat dishes and soups ; fried vegetables , vegetable foods which is mostly prepared by oliveoil  such as sarma , dolma. 

Turkish cuisine has a different specialty in  pastry . Borek which is made by dough can be prepared by any woman in Turkey. Borek can be eaten in breakfast or anytime in daytime as an apperatif.  Lahmacun and pide are the pastry foods which even made people open restaurants just to cook and serve both.  We can call lahmacun and pide as turkish pizza. Rice and pasta types are also very rich in Turkish cuisine.

Drinks peculiar to Turkey such as Boza , Salgam , serbet , ayran , turkish coffee, raki , turkish wines are  creating the another important part of Turkish cuisine.



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12 Haziran Salı, 2012
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rudolf kaiser
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turkish foods
if you are a carnivor and love eating any kind of meat in any meal turkey is the destination for you. spicy grilled meats and kebabs recommended

30 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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Silvia Sturm
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turkish food
Da ich seit Jahren schon in die Türkei reise, habe ich mich genauestens mit der türkischen Küche befasst und liebe sie.