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Adana kebab is one of the most famous kebab in Turkey originated from Adana city.

Ingredients :

•        1 lb  or 400 gr. Ground beef

•        150 gr. tallow

•        salt, flaked red pepper 

•        black pepper


For garnishing:

•        6 long green pepper

•        3 tomato

•        scallion

•        parsley

•        peppermint

•        red beet

•        lavash ,  tortilla shell


For salad:

•        2 red onion

•        2 tomatos

•        pomegranate syrup

•        olive oil

How to prepare Turkish Adana kebab ?

Cut the 150 gr. Tallow into little pieces and mix it with 1lb , 400 gr. Ground beef.  Add salt, flaked red pepper  and  black pepper while mixing and continue mixing. When the mixture is ready  put the meat with your hands to skewer from bottom to top.

For the garnish , side dish cut the peppers and tomatos and  fix them upon skewers.

Cook or grill the prepared ground beef skewers and tomato green pepper skewers over a pan or  barbecue. Barbecue is highly recommended however if you do no have barbecue you can use your fry pan as well.

For the salad ; coarsely chop 2 red onions and chop the tomatos in small cubes later mix both onions and tomatos then pour over the mixture olive oil and pomegranate syrup and mingle all once more.

Everything is ready now it is time to serve Turkish Adana Kebab ;  put grilled ground beef Adana skewer and tomatos , peppers over a wide plate and serve them together with prepared salad and additional peppermint , red beet , parsley , scallion.


It is highly recommended to wrap the grilled adana kebab skewer , pepper and tomato and eat together with additional salads.

Enjoy your meal


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27 Temmuz Cuma, 2012
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Umut Haşim
Message :
I used to eat it every night @2.am before i go to sleep lol =)

30 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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derek hurst
Message :
turkish kebabs
spicy and hot taste of specially prepared grilled meat wrapped with soft lavas is much more delicious than any American fast foods

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