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istiklal caddesi / istiklal street / istiklal avenue

Istiklal street tour can be started by visit of ottoman poetry museum ( divan edebiyati muzesi ) which located at tunnel  near yuksek kaldirim. Museum was a first mevlehina (lodgeused by Mevlevi dervishes )  opened in Istanbul .  rituals  which are made just for show can be watched by paying a fee. Museum is opened everyday except Tuesdays from 09.30 till 16.30 for visitors.

During the ottoman period embassies of all nations were gathered in pera , istiklal area . we can see   consulate building  of Sweden a chapel is available and opened for Christians in the garden of swedish embasy. Botter inn which was built by the tailor of sultan can be seen next to Swedish embassy building. Russian consulate building is on the way after botter inn.

Passing through Russian embassy and turning left to asmalimescit street will take you the area of bars ,cafes , meyhanes ,  a popular night club called Babylon , an art gallery etc.  from this point by walkin from alleys through tepebasi you will reach the pera palace which is a kind of museum hotel.

Santa maria draperis church built in 1871 can be seen following the way from Russian consulate building. St. lois chapel which is known as the oldest church of catholics in the region stands right after santa maria church.  Consulates of spain and italy are the next stops. By passing  Italian high school which is just after the Italian consulate building will lead you to carsi and nuri ziya streets. Consulate of france which is  used as a summer house can be seen today in these streets. If you keep walking through galatasaray area the biggest  catholic church of Istanbul st. antuan church will be welcoming you  at the right side. Religious ceremonies can be watched every Sunday in the church. At the left side hacopulos  shopping arcade hosts a very well decorated orthodox church known as panaghia .

When you get to galatasaray you will see  one of the oldest western school ( galatasaray lisesi  ).  Cicek pasaji which is one of the most famous and well known passage of  turkey stands opposite side of galatasaray high school.  Cicek pasaj is famous with its restaurants, shows , musics, old styles.  Fish market , aynali pasaj  , aia triada catholich church and Armenian Gregorian church stands very near  to cicek passage  .

Nevi zade street  with gipsy singers , customers singing while they eat and people having noisy conversations in  a very funny and cheerfull way will grip you immediately if you are in mood of having  a fun night.

The only mosque available in istiklal sreet is  aga camii  stands as an alone mosque in a Christian country with too many churches  and chapels.

Action and fun never stops in the istiklal street. Istiklal  street attracts anybody with any character that`s why street is always full with people from all around Istanbul , Turkey and even world.

What to eat in and where to eat in istiklal street

istiklal / Kallavi (Meyhane)  

istiklal street / inci Patisserie ,  profiterole is delicious

istiklal /Haci Baba restaurant         roasted lamb mus be tried

Sabırtasi Restaurat & Cafe offers different and unknown delicious south eastern traditional foods.

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1 Şubat Cuma, 2013
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Jenie Grahm
Message :
where to go for nights in istanbul ?
nevizade street behind cicek pasaji and hayal kahvesi the most popular spots in the nightlifes of taksim/istiklal square

31 Aralık Pazartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
Anette Pehrsson
Message :
new year in istanbul
Istanbul is a city hard to explain in a few words, i am here for the first time upon the invitations of my friends from school and already fallen in love in 2 days. The great mixture of modern and oriental life immediately catches you at first sight. istiklal street which we are going to celebrate new year is an area where the life goes on 7/24. i can not wait midnight for getting crazy in these crazy bars tonight:)

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