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 Istanbul  unofficially separated two parts by people living there ; European part and the Asian part.  Asian part of Istanbul comparatively  to European part is less crowded and less historical however wide streets , gardens more comfortable living spaces,  places ,  easier city transportation and cheaper shopping facilities make asian part of Istanbul more attractive and livable.  

What to do in kadikoy  ?  what to see in kadikoy  ? shopping in kadikoy

Kadikoy district is the symbolic capital town of the asian part of Istanbul whilst the main settlements formed in here.  Kadikoy  carsi | shopping center | is the only place left intact have been always a very lively and dynamic part of asian side  started to be  the culture and fun centre with continuous developments  , numerous restaurants , bars and clubs . Beyoglu located in european side was the only place in past for a colourfull and funny night  yet people living in asian side today do not have to go there whilst  kadikoy carsi offers the same fun to them.

Kadikoy shopping center besides a funny and lively night offers every need you are looking for ; shops selling antiques , old  comic books , ceramics ,  statues , pictures  etc.

Fish market of kadikoy is quiet famous and always crowded.  I definitely recommend you to have a dinner in kadikoy fish market to live a funny  Turkish style dinner atmosphere.

Kadikoy especially Bahariye district hosts many  churches still serving and opened for the chirstian community living in Istanbul . Agia trias orthodox church , Anglican church , Notre-Dame de L' Assomption churches are the mostly known and visited ones in kadikoy bahariye.

For one of the best aerial views of Istanbul, Kadikoy's balloon (Turkbalon) rises to a height of 200 meters .

How to go kadikoy ?

Kadikoy has a very much developed transportation net with  available main bus stations , minibus stations , train stations and kadikoy ferry stations so you can easily reach to kadikoy from any part and side of Istanbul by any way.

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