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 Kariye which originated from Khora ( Greek word) meaning rural area , place out of city in Greek language. Khora name had given a small church available in the area  5th century , after the demolition of church the new buildings built were also called with same name as Chora.

The structure available today dates back to 12th -14th centuries. Mosaic and Fresco decorations in the church are the masterpieces of Byzantine art history.  These artifacts were built by Theodor Metohides.


Kariye was used as a church after the conquest of Istanbul untill 1511. It was converted to a mosque in 1511 and to a museum in 1945. American byzantine enstitutues works between 1948—1958 revealed the mosaics and frecos which can be seen today.

 What to see in kariye museum ( chora museum ) ?

 Lifes of Virgin Mary and Jesus christ have been picturized and depicted  in mosaics chronologically as it is in holy Bible in the entrance halls of kariye  museum. Religious figures and shapes were depicted in the additional chapel which is  adjacent to museum.  Among the figures can be seen in museum we can count the  important people figures from palaces and churches .


Today Kariye and around is a wonderfull , lovely district formed by wooden built hotels and cafes

Museum is opened everyday except Wednesday between 09:00 -16:30 p.m

How to go kariye museum ?

Edirnekapı- Fatih/ISTANBUL

Tel : (0212) 631 92 41–0 (212) 522 09 89
Faks : (0212) 621 34 35


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