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 Miniaturk  was opened in 2003 located over 60.000 m2 ( 15000m2 scale model area , 40000m2 green and opened area , 3500 covered closed area , 2000m2 pool)  and a parking lot with the capacity of 500 cars.


Miniaturk has the biggest scale model exhibition area in the world . Artifacts exhibited  in the area are the 1:25 scaled model figures of The Turkey’s and Ottoman  empire’s  most important structures.


120 important structures and places ; 57 scaled models from istanbul 51 from anatolia land  and 12 belonging to ottoman empire which is out of Turkey borders today can be seen in miniaturk .


What to see in Miniaturk ?


Models were made of special materials durable to open air and hard weather conditions.


Marks and structures of the civilizations had lived in anatolia region for 3000 years were gathered in miniaturk let you see important masterpieces without travelling  miles.


A route by the management of miniaturk was defined to see understand the models more efficiently.


Here is some important models available in miniaturk ; Hagia sophia , Selimiye , Rumeli hisari , Galata tower , safranbolu houses , Sumela monastery , Mount nemrut , Artemis temple , Halicarnassos mouseloum  etc.


Besides scale models exhibited in the area , an amphitheatre with 400 people capacity , a shop selling the souvenirs of miniaturk , game park , a small train makes a round trip around miniaturk , boat tour etc are available for the visitors to spend a joyfull time.


Miniaturk is an at a glance place for Turkey.


How to go miniaturk ?


From Taksim you can take a public bus numbered 4HT (haskoy/Taksim)


From Mecidiyekoy and Sisli districts public bu numbered 54HS (Haskoy/sisli)


From Eminonu district  47, 47 Ç, 47 E public buses


From topkapi , 41 ST ( Seyrantepe / Topkapi ) public buses


When to visit minitaturk ?


Miniaturk is everyday opened for visitors between 09:00-17:00 hours.


How much is the entrance fee for minitaturk ?


Adults entry fee is 5 TL  , Students and government workers entry fee is 3TL

 Entrance fee for foreign visitors are 5 euros


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28 Ekim Pazar, 2012
Name and Surname:
Garry Glitter
Message :
Where to go in istanbul
After visiting the most important places in Istanbul such as, Sultanahmer mosque, hagia sophia, basilica cistern and caria museum, Miniaturk is the tourist attraction to see. One of a unique open air museum created with the scale models of the most important attractions of Turkey. The details of the handmade models will surprise you and create and admiration for the ones who made them.

1 Haziran Cuma, 2012
Name and Surname:
Barbara Hensch
Message :
Es ist faszinierend wie diese Sehenswürdigkeiten dem Original entsprechend nachgebaut worden sind.

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