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Istanbul due to the it’s location has been always an important city for the traders so a vast shopping facilities are available in the city.


Istanbul has a wide range of shopping centers and numerous goods ( carpet , leather , jewellery , clothes , traditional tastes , souvenirs etc. ) made  and sold in Turkey. As the Istanbul is a huge manufactaring city every good you will buy from turkey will be carrying a spirit from turkey.


Istanbul is also the shopping center of Turkey . Many turkish visitors also coming istanbul just for shopping from different cities .  Prices are also very reasonable is Istanbul because of the competition among many shopping companies.


Besides goods made in Turkey many world wide famous brands can be easily reached and bought from Istanbul


Shopping malls in Istanbul is  very popular whilst they serve all facilities in the luxurious malls. Galleria and Akmerkez shopping malls have 3  times awarded the best shopping malls by international shopping malls committee


Here is the list of places for shopping in Istanbul.


Kapali Carsi ( grand bazaar ) opened everyday except Sundays from 07.00 - 19.00 is the oldest shopping center mostly visited by tourists . Jewellery , carpet , rug , leather and souvenirs are the most traded goods in grand bazaar.


Spice bazaar ( Misir carsisi ) located in Eminonu district is one of the oldest market of Istanbul city. You can buy dried fruits , nuts , roots of some hardly found flowers , any herbals having healing effects and many natural nutrition from spice bazaar. Spice bazaar is openede everyday except Sundays.


Sahaflar Çarşısı ( Second hand book sellers market ) built at the same time with grand bazaar. Sahaflar market had lost it’s old importance however it is still one of the best place to buy books in Istanbul.


Horhor Bit Pazari , located between fatih and Aksaray districts. If you are interested in antiques and old goods , horhor bit pazari is the best place in Istanbul for shopping.


Jewellery in Istanbul , Istanbul has become a jewellery place where the trends are formed  by the gold designers , gold embroiders and workers. Kapali carsi ( grand bazaar ) is the heart for the jewllery in Istanbul and around.



Fish markets in Istanbul are must places to see ; Beyoglu , Besiktas , kumkapi , sariyer fish markets are the most popular ones in Istanbul . You can choose your fish from the exhibition place and get it cooked in any restaurant you want with wonderfull fish salads and wandering live turkish music singers.


City markets which are set up every week in each district of Istanbul mostly preffered by people living in Istanbul however it is so much fun to wander in these city markets whilst the sellers are using poetic words to sell their goods. From vegetables to clothes anything can be doun for a very reasonable prices in these markets.


Shopping tips in Istanbul !

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