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Anadolu Hisar


Anadolu hisari ( anatolian fortress ) located in the anadoluhisari district where Goksu river flows into Istanbul bosphorus.


Anadolu hisari ( anatolian fortress) was built by  Sultan Beyazid over a land of 7000 m2 and to the narrowest point of the bosphorus.


Byzantine and genoese had set new colonies in black sea region so the transitions from bosphorus was so crucial for these colonies . Ottoman empire had built two castles to control these transitions by sea  of marmara . The second castle built in european side of Istanbul in 1452 by Sultan mehmet the second  is called Rumeli hisari.


Anadolu hisari formed by three sections which are inner part (ickale)  , outer part (diskale) and defense walls.


Inner part a castle is a rectangular shaped tower having 4 floors. When the tower was built there was no gate available to entrance so a suspending bridge and wooden ladders were used to get in tower.


Defending walls of the inner castle connects the north east and nortwest edges of outer castle.  These walls are  made of 3 mt crosswide thickness .


Over the outer castles defending walls many vaults and 3 towers were built. The main defending walls of the anadolu hisari lyes 65 mt in the direction of east to west  and 80 mt north to south. Crosswide length is 2.5 mt of these walls. There are holes available where the cannons were placed .


Anadolu hisari ( anatolian fortress ) had lost it’s importance after the conquest of Istanbul and land where the fortress located became a settlement place. Today some parts of the fortress are demolished.


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