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 Kusadasi port

Kusadasi  port 

Kusadasi  port  is a very safe docking harbor for the cruise ships  with it`s  location and strong structures.  A modern shopping mall  with small shops sellingTurkish rugs and carpets , Turkish delight , gold and jewelerry ,  hand made ceramics , clothes , leather products , Turkish souvenirs is located just right after exiting from the passport control point.  Just in a minute of walking distance Kusadasi  town and shops can be visited . Do not hurry to buy something in town as there are hundreds of different shops offering different prices for goodies. I recommend especially daily cruise ship visitors of kusadasi to go a bit further point of the town for shopping as they can find much more reasonable prices to deal.

Many cruise ship holiday makers are taking a trip to glorius ancient site called Ephesus and visit virgin mary`s house for the pilgrimage.

If you are planning to come Turkey one another time I recommend not to take one of these trips when you are on cruise. Trips to Ephesus arranged from cruises are just like a site seeing tours without understanding well the importance of the places you visit. Hundreds of cruisers are going to see Ephesus and virgin mary`s house at the same moment so the places  become overcrowded and congested and info given by guides are so basic , fast and not very understandable because of rush around.

Recommended what to buy and what to do in kusadasi for cruisers ;

If you are really interested in culture and history  Ephesus trip can be taken nevertheless it is made in rush.

Pigeon island and ladies beach are the closest places easily to visit alone.  Souvenirs and local tastes such as magnets , honey  , Turkish tea , shisha etc. are must things to buy. Carpets , golds and leather pursues , jackets , wallets are also other things to buy.

Eterniy jewellerry , Jasmine jewellery, Masis jewellery are the places you can trust.


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29 Ekim Pazartesi, 2012
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liselotte Schmaller
Message :
Cruise ships in Kusadasi
Been to kusadasi while on a trip with Royal Caribbean and had a half day tour to Ephesus and Virgin Mary's house which has been an exceptional experience. Kusadasi port also offers nice shops with good deals.

21 Temmuz Cumartesi, 2012
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carley douglas
Message :
kusadasi port restaurant
location , view , staff and service of port restaurant kusadasi is good however the most important thing which is food quality and taste is not good enough . Kusadasi port restaurant recommended only for a drink

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