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Fehiye oludeniz is a very convenient flight area for the fresh and professional pilots. A flight from babadag mountain lasts in 30 minutes. Experinced pilots are able to float for hours by catching the air flows.

Babadag  having 1700 mt altitude is situated twenty km away from city center  rises above oludeniz.

You can reach to flight field of babadag in 45 minutes driving from oludeniz. The most suitable and safe  period for paragliding in fethiye is between april and october mounts.
oludeniz is the first
place where paragliding was tried in Turkey . Oludeniz with unique view , safe and suitable conditions gained the fethiye a good reputation especially among extreme Sports and paragliding lovers.

Babadag has 3 fields for departures; South field 1700 mt , north field 1800 mt is small and narrow however 1900 mt north peak is very suitable for departure with it is wide area.

Oludeniz with its wide and long beach let paragliders to have  a safe and comfortable landing.

Especially in the period before and after summers weather conditions are not consistent for  a safe flight.

Every travel agency in fethiye helps you for organization and trying an extreme experience of praagliding with an amazing view.

transportation, equipments insurance, guidance by licensed instructors cost 80 to 100 euros each person. Instructors will give you a theorical information and tips about what you need  to do during flight.

No obligation or requirement to be experienced . you can go and try for the first time.

Most frequently asked question about paragliding by tourists is if they are going to fly alone or not ?

The answer is definitely NO ; to be able to paraglide alone you should have  a license. During the flight an experienced , professional will be with you to land you safely to ground.

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14 Ekim Pazar, 2012
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Gizem Kurçeren
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Ölüdeniz is the best place for acro paragliding.. beautiful view, nice weather! For your safety, fly with Airborne and Sky Sports!

26 Haziran Salı, 2012
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tiery karlings
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gravity paragliding oludeniz
gravity paragliding company is one of the most reliable travel agency together with skysports organizing the paragliding tours. they make all arrangements and the equipments they use are the best quality and safest ones. recommended for paragliders.

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