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 Patara  is an antique Lycian site located between fethiye and kalkan , patara  was also the main and most important site of the lycian union  .   General  meetings of the Lycian union were done in patara.  Patara  as being an important  port  especially for transportation of cereals   and having one of the biggest cereal depot , during rome empire   had lived  its most magnificent period.

Site protected its significance in the next byzantium period and counted as an important city by christians. There is also a belief and rumour claiming that the saint nicholas , santa clause is  from patara city.

The port filled by  sands,  struggled the ships to use Patara port therefore patara has  started to lose its significance.  The site is one of the virgin beach having 18 km length and almost 4 hundred mt width. Beach is also protected by government as the sea turtles ;caretta carettas are coming the beach for laying their eggs.

Among the remnants of antique city triumphal arch (Metius Modestus), basilika of byzantium , sacred places , theater , cisterns , monumental tombs ,the first parliament building of the world and oldest sea light house can be  seen  and visited.

How to get     Patara ; scheduled minibuses are available from fethiye , kalkan and kas districts to beach. You can also  join an organized tour to get Patara. If you have a car , turn to direction of gelemis village on the way of fethiye to kalkan. Driving 6 km more from gelemis village will take you to Patara beach antique city.

Two restaurants are available at the entrance of Patara in case of you get hungry.


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the longest beach in turkey
patara is the longest beach i have ever seen in turkey even in universe i could not ealk from one point to another a i get exhausted. tranquility and serenity of patara beach is a great escape place from big cities