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Hisaronu is located in a place 4 km away from Oludeniz and 8 km from Fethiye center.  

Minibuses shuttling  every 5 -10 minutes between fethiye and oludeniz also stop by in hisaronu district.

Hisaronu is a recreational area with bars , pubs , restaurants, hotels and shops.

Daytimes in hisaronu resembles  a quite and not crowded holiday place nevertheless streets , bars and restaurants overflaws with people after sun set.  People who spent their holiday in fethiye,calis, oludeniz and around gathering in  hisaronu district for fun and parties.

Hisaronu hosts mostly English visitors . Some english people are so much in love with hisaronu even to buy a property or start a business in the area.

Despite located on a slope and far from the sea Hisaronu removes these disadvantages with it is nature , pine trees and clean air conditions.

Many large and small hotels are available with very reasonable prices in hisaronu Fethiye.

If you one to spend a more dynamic holiday many daily tour packages ; such as Trekking, jeep safari , paragliding, Saklikent tour, diving etc.  are offered for the visitors. Tour organizers pick you up from your hotel and brings you back after the excursion.

Restaurants serving various types of foods from different cuisines will catch your  taste.

Here is the recommended restaurants and hotels in hisaronu Fethiye ,

Restaurants                                                                     accommodation

Kafkas Restaurant, Hisaronu                                     Green Forest Hotel  4 star

The Bees Knees Restaurant, Hisaronu                         Asena Village Hotel 3 star

Robin Hood Restaurant, Hisaronu                                Montana Pine Resort Hotel 4 star

Ready Steady Cook Restaurant, Hisaronu                    Pine Valley Hotel 3 star

Oziboo Restaurant, Hisaronu                                      Blue Pearl Hotel 3 star

Four Seasons                                                         Ova Resort Hotel 3 star


Grand Boozey                                                         The Olive Tree Studios

Harmony Karaoke Cocktail                                        Bozbey Hotel 2 star

Bar Rumba                                                             Ramos Hotel hisaronu


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6 Şubat Çarşamba, 2013
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Leah denney
Message :
is there any supermarket in Ovacik ?
AZDA supermarket chain is the most popular one in the area with its product variety and cheap prices. the one in ovacik is located on the main road by the angels restaurant

1 Şubat Cuma, 2013
Name and Surname:
Rocio Gainza
Message :
happy hour in hisaronu bars
almost every bar in hisaronu has happy hours which lets you to have the drinks for half price. have a look to happy hour times of all bars and note them, so you can jump from one happy hour to another one.

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