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 Fethiye located in the western part of mediterranean region of Turkey is a district of Mugla city.   Fethiye is an ideal tourism destination with its nature, marine, climate , facilities and cultural ,archeological  assets. The population of Fethiye district is 65.000 people according the official records however population increases to 150.000 to 200.000 people in summer seasons.

Among these attractions Oludeniz is the most popular and well known one with its unique beach , turqouise coloured sea and paragliding facilities. Oludeniz was honoured to be the best beach of world in 2006.  Af kule is another well known  part of Fethiye with convenient diving points. Many untouched and intact bays are situated in fethiye region ;  Valley of butterflies,  kabak bay is just known samples for these bays.

Rock tombs belonging to Lycian kings can be seen almost anywhere from fethiye city center. Apart from Oludeniz many clean and long beaches as Belcekiz, calis , dalyan are situated in and around fethiye.  Besides these natural assets , Fethiye has also very important cultural attractions with the ancients sites; Telmessos , Caunos, Cadianda , Tlos , Pinara , Letoon , Sydima and Xantos  from lycian civilization.  As well as visiting this antique cities  Fethiye museum can be visited to see the findings and remnants belong to these anciten sites and fethiye area.

Sovalye island located just in front of Fethiye bay forms a natural protected bay . Western part of the island is facing the Light house , eastern side is facing to calis beach , southern side to fethiye and north to opened sea.  Due to the position of island sunlights never leave the island alone all day long.


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Dentists in fethiye
the best dentist clinic in fethiye is the one located 200 m on the backside of oludeniz dolmus station in fethiye center. it is called "mydent" and Dr. ibrahim is highly popular with its good work

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shopping in fethiye
shoppin in fethiye is easier than other cities in turkey while you enjoy the hassle free shopping.

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