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 Knidos was one of the greatest , important , richest ancient site in past . Knidos apart from being an important port for the traders  was  also very  advanced in art , architecture and science . Eudoksos who was  a famous astronom , architect and legislator , Doctor Euryphon ,  polygnotos and Sostratos who is the architect of one of the seven wonders of world Light house of Alexandria was raised up and lived in Knidos .

Knidos became a legendary site today with the statue of nude Aphrodite made by praxiteles the sculptor in the 4th century B.C however having many copies of the statue original one is not found. The importance of the statue is based on the first naked depiction of aphrodite.

Praksitales took two orders from  kos island to make 2 aphrodite scultptors.  Untill proxitales make a naked statue of aphrodite, the deities were depicted as covered with a clothe. One of the statues praxitales made was totally naked depicted. Kos island  declined this naked statue as it is symbolyzing too much obscenity . However the folks of Knidos love this statue and statue was put the highest part of the Knidos which can be seen by the visitors from aegean and mediterranean sea.

  The fame of naked Knidos aphrodite statue had increased in time even being a better financial income than trading. Thousands of visitor came to Knidos just to see this unique statue. Aphrodite statue became a kind of cult.       

Bithnya king Nicomedos offered to knidos government    to  erase their debts by giving the statue to Bithynia kingdom . Upon this offer Knidos made a referendum to find  out  what people think about the offer. Eventually locals didn`t accept the offer . It was believed that statue was dissapeared in a fire occured in Lausos palace after the byzantium emperor Theodosius ordered to take the statue to palace.

The city walls of Knidos covers an area of 4 km. 2 amphitheatres are built with the capacity of 20.000 and 5.000 people are available.

Many remnants are available in the Knidos to see today.  Acropolis , Odeon , corinthian temple and ionion busts are the some remnants worth to see in Knidos.

How to reach Knidos ;

You can either go Knidos by  a boat available from Datca once in a day or by your car. There is one restaurant available in the Knidos . 


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knidos turkey
marvelous escape place from all the stress and turmoil of the city lifes. Listening the sound of nature before sleep can not be count with money.

7 Mart Çarşamba, 2012
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ed kashi
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aprodite of knidos
i had a chance to see a great copy of this legendary statue of aphrodite made in knidos. statue and depiction stylee of nude aphrodite is amazing