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 Hisaronu is a small  village luckily not effected by tourism industries concrete formations. Hisaronu is a  wonderful holiday area who wants to escape from noisy and crowded cities and  be in nature and quietness.  

Shallow sea and brick red coloured sands together with moisture free weather conditionds , clean waters having healing features  enrich the land and help you to spend an unforgettable holiday in Hisaronu.

Remnants of an ancient temple belonging to Hemithia is available on the Eren mountain plains. A  woman called  Molpadia [singer ] was brought the land by Apollo and people of the area whorshipped the woman as Tamithea deity and built a temple for her.

Many boutique hotels and pensions are available in hisaronu for accomadation.

How to reach hisaronu area ? drive in the direction of  marmaris do datca and turn the left side from 22nd km of the road just a mile more driving you will be in hisaronu district. Minibuses are also available from marmaris city center to here.

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15 Haziran Cumartesi, 2013
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Rachel Zoe
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Marmaris holidays
can't think of a summer without marmaris holiday. Something magical that makes me addictive to here.

5 Mart Pazartesi, 2012
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seoul kospi
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hisaronu in marmaris vice versa of hisaronu in fethiye
i have been both to fethiye hisaronu and marmaris hisaronu i'd certainly prefer hisaronu in marmaris if i had known before he district. hisaronu of marmaris is more relaxing , quiet , restaurants with quality and cozy atmoshpere however hisaronu in fethiye is far from sea , crowded , noisy cheap quality and bad served restaurants is really poor holiday district. vice versa i recommend marmaris hisaronu to everybody.