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Months and Days in Turkish



Aylar   = Ocak         Şubat           Mart             Nisan            Mayıs           Haziran


Months= January      February       March           April             May             June


Aylar = Temmuz       Ağustos        Eylül             Ekim             Kasım           Aralık


Months= July           August                   September     October        November      December





Haftanın günleri                          Days of the week              Seasons        Mevsimler


Pazartesi                                   Monday                              Yaz              Summer


Salı                                          Tuesday                              Kış               Winter


Çarşamba                                  Wednesday                        İlkbahar        Spring


Perşembe                                  Thursday                            Sonbahar      Autumn


Cuma                                        Friday                   


Cumartesi                                  Saturday                         


Pazar                                        Sunday                           



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26 Ekim Cuma, 2012
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jack welch
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Turkish Language
Turkish Language is not that hard as it sounds. I never thought i can speak Turkish when i first heard people are speaking as hell fast with different sounds though getting in learning of Turkish is become easier and easier every step you go ahead.