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 Island is very famous with it is golden sand beach known as cleopatra beach  and sea.  On the way marmaris to Mugla a turning point at 12th km leading you to Camlik area where the boats are going to  Cleopatra`s beach.

There are also many  tours are arranged from near bays as  well by travel agencies to this island so if you don`t have a car you can join one of these organized tours.

Island was a home to a Carian site called cedrae meaning cedar however cedar trees  are not seen in the island.  Remnants belonging Temple of Apollo , theater, city walls and towers of the  cedrae city can be seen today.

The popularity of the island today is coming from the golden sands and crystal water. The Cleopatra beach name given  to golden sands is derived from the story narrating the transportation of these golden sands from egypt for the comfort of cleopatra with his lover roman general Antonius in this island.  However golden sands formed by lime stone droplets. This formation can be seen in crete as well.

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21 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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thomas holzinger
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cleopatra beach
So wie es der Name auch schon sagt, ein Ort von den Göttern erschaffen. Eines der wundervollsten Flecke in der Türkei.

19 Mart Pazartesi, 2012
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kleopatra beach
walking on golden coloured and cotton soft beach let you think kleopatra is the luckiest person in time