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Catamaran is specially designed to be used as a one of a kind night club . Catamaran`s dance floor was covered and made by a glass let you see the fishes and blue colour of the sea when you are dancing.

 Capacity of the catamaran is 1500 people though capacity reaches to 2500 people with the relaxing lounge and dock where the catamaran is anchored.  Night club is opened 10 00 p.m guests are welcomed untill midnight then catamaran leaves the open sea untill the first sunlights of the day. If you miss the catamaran after it is left or if you do not want to stay in the sea untill morning you can catch up the regular boats shuttling between the pier and catamaran.

How to go Catamaran , the entrance of catamaran located in the middle of the downtown bodrum where the shops are. You can either go catamaran by tours arranged by entertainers  in hotels and travel agents or individually directly go to entrance.

 Entrance fee to Catamaran is currently 40 Turkish Lira almost 25 Dollars including one local free drink.

If you don`t like house , trance and techno style of music do not even think to go catamaran as the music based on house music all night dj performances , laser shows , dancers with interesting and attracting clothes dizzies the nightlife lovers.

  • ·       Catamaran also used for boat trips during the day time.


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31 Aralık Pazartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
Hilma Nilsson
Message :
Amazing party in Bodrum
The idea of partying over a transparent ship is outstanding. Shows, dancers, music and crowd in Catamaran night club in Bodrum is something out of this world. i wish some entrepreuners can bring the same concept to sweden.

14 Nisan Cumartesi, 2012
Name and Surname:
stein steinberg
Message :
extreme party in catamaran
catamaran bodrum has the most extreme shows i have ever seen. if you are in bodrum do not miss it out.

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