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   Bodrum among the holiday destinations in turkey  is the most interesting one.  Bodrum offers numerous services and attractions for the visitors so that every each visitor of bodrum has  a different bodrum in their  feelings.
A very famous fisherman of bodrum had mentioned his feelings about bodrum and visitors with an uncontradictable reality by saying ;

Don`t think that you will be leaving bodrum as being the same person before you came. All others who have been to bodrum before you were same as you though all these visitors  left their one part of minds and hearts in bodrum.

I totally agree with this quote from Cevat sakir ( fisherman ) .  Here I am going to give some useful and time saving tips  before your arrival to bodrum  .

    What kind of money in Turkey you will need ?   What is the currency rate of Turkish money  ?

Especially in touristic sites and holiday destinations in turkey such as bodrum , marmaris , fethiye , kusadasi , alanya , Antalya , kas , kalkan  Euro , Dollar and Pound  well accepted more than local Turkish money however you will also need to use Turkish money in some places like some supermarkets ,  locals vegetables and fruit market etc.

When you buy something with Turkish money  i recommend you check the rate and know how much it is going to cost you in your money.  You can use a small calculator or your phone for counting.

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23 Ağustos Perşembe, 2012
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lorraine Turner
Message :
Barbeast bodrum
A bar and club hidden to background garden. A great live music and generous scaled alhocolic drinks make the club wonderfull.

10 Ağustos Cuma, 2012
Name and Surname:
Eduard Halimi
Message :
Bodrum Ottoflamm restaurant
A wonderfull beach club in daytime with a lovely private bay , pool facilities and good music turns into a luxurious restaurant in the evenings with its aegean and Mediterranean cuisine.

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