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 Aeolis  ( aiolis )

Aiolis known is aeolis as well.  According to today’s locations Aiolis located in Northern part of izmir city . the immigration of aiollies from north greece ; theselia and bolotia to the land of the local people  Leleges and pelasgians  live ; region known as aiolis.

They set up a union mostly based on the religion and the cult place was the sacred apollo area in Gryneion.

Aiolis union was gathered and created in 2000 B.C

Sites of this union were ;

Kyme , Larissa, neonteikhos , temnos , kilia , Notion , aigiroissa , pitane , aigai , myrina ,gryneia and smyrna

Important aiolis sites ;

Adramytteion – edremit

Aigai – nemrutkale

Kyme, Phokaia – foça

Pitane –candarli

Lyric poet first time in the world was made up in Aiolis



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