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History of Anatolia untill Turks
Anatolia has a very vast and long history which is quiet difficult to limit with thousands of papers thus i'll try to give the General information about the History of Anatolia in a short though descriptive way with a bulleted list.

** Anatolia is a large peninsula where many different cultures and races harmonize and it is a junction point where Asia and Europe continents meet

** Anatolia has become a home to numerous  nomad tribes , civilizations,empires, kingdoms, principliaties, dynasties.

** Early settlers of Anatolia was used to  be in commercial relations with neighbourhoods in order to improve their culture and civilizations.

** Nature was the key point in Anatolia that defining the beliefs of people. Fat women and children figures were symbolyzing the fertiliy

** Anatolia was dominated by Asyrrian trade colonies in Bronze Age. Asyrrians  built kind of hostels and hotels called “Karum”on the trading routes to other countries .

** Hittite empire was founded and dominated the whole Anatolia land  in 1800 B.C

** During the reign of Hittite civilization, roads were higly improved and developed

** Hittites are the first civilization in the history of World which showed respect to human rights

** Tens of different  communities that having different cultural aspects and speaking different languages were used to live together in peace

** Religion beliefs such as pre-historic eras were poltyheistic. Gods were thought as humans

** Religion and mythology of Anatolia deeply effected by Greek religion and mythology

** The domination and reign of Hittite empire  were lasted by the invader European tribes who immigrated to Anatolia in massive groups.

** After the invasion of these tribes, a chaos prevailed in Anatolia untill 800 B.C by these colonies.

** Gordion, Phrygia and Lydia civilizations ceased this chaos and made anatolia a peacefull land.

** Urartu kingdom ,which founded in Van district,   flourished and grow stronger betweeen 13th to 7th century BC, especially  enjoying the  considerable power in the Middle East in the 9th-8th century. Urartu Kingdom was collapsed after the  invasions of Cimmerians, Scythians, and Medesin the 7th century BC.

** Persians cleared away the lydians from Anatolia in 6th century B.C and seperated Anatolia into 4 parts (satrapy) they succeeded the peace and stability in Anatolia land

** Persians are the civilization that  created the famous King Road which starts from Sardes and ends at Susa Iran.

** Persian and Greek wars started upon the will of Persian emperor “Darius”  in order to dominate the Greeks in Europe however he was not able to count the name of Alexander the great  in these wars.

** After the overwhelming superiority and Victories of Alexander the great in the  wars against Persians a new era which called Hellenistic era started in Anatolia ( 323-30 B.C)

** Very famous and developed antique cities emerged during this Hellenistic Period.

** The famous “Grid plan of Hippadomus” from Miletus city applied in all these new emerging cities.

** Important sites that emerged during this period and marked their name to History in the Mediterrenean region are,

Telmessos , ksantos, patara, attaleia, selevkia, aleksandria, antiokheia

    in the Aegean region are;

Tralles, nyssa, laodikheia, hierapolis, antiokheia, pergamom, Ephesos ,nikomedia, apameia, antigoneia-nikaia ( iznik )


** When Roman Empire started to dominate the upper part of Euprates river (133- B.C * 330 A.D ) a new period whichc alled as The period of Romans commenced in the Anatolia.

** This period could also be counted as the  extension of Hellenistic period. During the Roman period, Anatolia was seperated to 6 states.

** Romans achieved to increase population, improve the  agriculture and build a strong commercial network in Anatolia.

** As a result of improvements and growing economy, new cities such as dorylaion , kotiaion , Ankyra , ikonion , melitene are emerged in this period.

** Roman empire divided in 2 different state in 395 A.D ( Byzantine and Roman )

** A new religion, “Christianity” was spread among the people.

** Seven churches of Asia minor were built in this period.



** Byzantion which used to be  a Dorian colony,  named as secunda Rome in 330 A.D though citywas called as Konstaninapolis in the reign of Emperor Konstantin.

** After the seperation of Roman empire,the Eastern part of Roman empire started to popularly known as Byzantium or Byzantine

** Official language in the Byzantine was Greek. During the Byzantine period, Anatolia became a Greek spoken Christian land

** Barbarian invaders who settled on the north always was a serious threat to Byzantine Empire.

** Byzantine empire was under the attack and invasion for over 300 years after the 7th century A.D by Sassanid kingdom and Arabs.

** Arabs and Byzantine empire were always in a conflict in order to have the domination of the Fertile Anatolia land however the strong and very secure fortresses and castles of Byzantines help them to protect their lands.

** During this period, population of Byzantine empire terribly decreased, many settlements abandoned, agriculture and commercial  stopped.

** Turks from the Asia who  accepted the Islam as their religion started to dominate the all Anatolia land after 1071 and pushed the Byzantine empire to constrain their borders just in Istanbul city.

** Byzantine empire completely erased from the papers of History in 1453 by Ottoman emperor Fatih the conquerer.


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anatolia today turkey is a place where different religions , races and cultures live in harmony together.

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turkey anatolia
i believe turkey would be better called today as anatolia while the land associated with these name since thousands years

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