Iron Age

 ** Usage of metal was spread and widely used in all items thus the period called as iron age

 ** Instead of bronze, iron started to be used in tools and weapons

 ** Iron age was started in Asia and South Eastern part of Europe in 1200 B.C , 1000 B.C in Western Europe  and 600 B. C in China

 **  Iron industry was developed in Iran, Cyprus, Crete, Asyrians  and Jews

 **   Urban development  gained speed

 ** Weapon production technichs improved

 **  First central kingdom was founded by Babylon king “Hammurabi”


Iron Age in Turkey

 **  Iron age started in Anatolia 1200 B.C with the immigrations made to Aegean region

 **  Relations between east and west werevisibly improved

 **  Communities  became more relevant

 **  Chariots were made more compatible with the  conditions of the age and became more durable

 **   Improvement in weapons triggered the more violent and frequent wars 

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roman citizen
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i didn't know chariots were invented in this period. humans creativity and efforts almost amazed me.

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information about anatolian history
this website a real travel guide for turkey. I found all information i need here. Details of the anatolian history is clear and short and easy to understand. thank you very much.