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Calcolithic Age ( Copper age )


**   It is a transition period in which usage of stone is reduced and almost abandoned after the discovery of Metal.

**  Copper discovered and started to processed

**      Different human communities from different parts of world had lived this age in various years as the discovery of copper change up to the region.

**     Calcolithic age in Anatolia was experienced between 5500 B.C to 3500 B.C

**  Stone weapons continue to be made

**     Copper first time used to make weapons and tools by melting.

**    Bowls and pots in early times of the period was painted by dark colours over light base.

**    However in the following stage of Bronze age, vice versa ; over dark colour light colours were used.


Calcholitic Age in Turkey 

·         Burdur – hacilar and sakcagozu( rich ceramic remnants)

·         Malatya –degirmendere

·         Mersin- yumuktepe

·         Elazig-tulintepe

·         Yozgat-alisar , cadir hoyuk

·         Karaman –canhasan

·         Cigde-koskhoyuk

·         İznik-ilipinar

·         Malatya-aslantepe

·         Elazig-tilintepe

·         Denizli- civril, beycesultan

·         Elazig –norsuntepe

·         Malatya –arslantepe

·         Corum- alacahoyuk



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susanne Bechler
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turkish antique times
calcholitic period is a very important age for the humanity. We can say the scientific development had started in this period with transtition from stone to metal.