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 Neolithic  Age

**   Started in Asia and Anatolia 8000 B.C  and  finished 5000 B.C

**       People left  the caves , rocks andstarted to built structures in open fields with stones, trees and limes.

**          Living sources of people got varied.

**         Wild cow , goat, sheep , pork were tamed

**         Dog was tamed so the hunting became easier

**    They learned to produce clay pots

**   From the skin of tamed animals people started to produce  clothes and wowens

**         The ones living near lake or swamp learned  to make straw baskets

**       Colourfull stones , copper, animal teeths and sea shells were used to make ornaments

**     Religious beliefs occured as a result of natural effects such as thunder, sun, wave etc.

**     Bull figures  and woman figures were used to  symbolyze the  masculinity and fertiliy

**       Breast , hips stomach in women statues were excessively depicted.

**         Dead bodies burried and the life after death was  started to be believed

**        When they burry a dead they also put personel belongings such as ornaments, weapons , pots

Neolithic age in Turkey

Most important places having the remnants and the marks from neolithic period in Turkey are ;

·         Ergani ( cayonu) oldest village settlement

·         Konya Catalhoyuk terracotta pots found

·         Hacilar ( burdur )

·         Karaman-canhasan

·         Seydisehir-suberde

·         Mersin-yumuktepe

·         Tarsus-gozlukule

·         Akasaray-asiklihoyuk

·         Nigde-kosk

·         Konya –erbaba

·         Elazig-keban

·         Hatay –tel cubeyde , vadi el hamam

·         Islahiye-sakcagozu


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21 Mart Çarşamba, 2012
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roza krendlin
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Homo saphiens and Homo floresiensis
Two human species ;Homo saphiens and Homo floresiensis existed in neolithic age.

1 Şubat Çarşamba, 2012
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catal hoyuk turkey
catal hoyuk is one of the oldest settlement of the world. quite interesting to visit and imagine the life in catalhoyuk .