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Mesolithic period


**      Mesolithic period is an intermissionbetween the paleolithic and neolithic eras.

**     People continue hunting and eating the wildanimals and plants

**       Glacier times had finished and weatherconditionds had started to turn over to today’s temperatures

**       At the end of the period people startedto  tame wild animals and grow agricultural products.

**      This important development  pushedpeople to stand and dwelled  in one place.

Mesolithic period in Turkey


Remnants  and marks of the mesolithic period in anatolia best observed  in ;

·         Beldibi and belbasi rock shelters

·         Sanliurfa biris

·         Ankara – macuncay

·         Gaziantep Sarkli cave

·         Isparta Baladiz


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28 Haziran Cuma, 2013
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Mark and Jennifer
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Turkish history
history of the land of Turkey is very rich. Whereever you dig you are about to find a precious relic. amazing country

2 Şubat Perşembe, 2012
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christian doyle
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i think lithos meaning stone and mesos meaning middle in greek language so mesolithic is middle stone age.