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Facts about Anatolia

 ** Turkey located over  one of the oldest cultural  region of theWorld, “Anatolia”

** Since the first prehistoric era ( the paleolithic ), Anatolia has becomea home for myriad people.

** The land of Turkey that situated as a bridge between Asia and Europe contitentsmade Anatolia a mosaic of civilizations.

** Due to the geomorphological features  of the Anatolia   land,big civilizations at first had compelled to survive and settle down in.

** During the  pre historic times inAnatolia people were completely dependent to nature  

** Historic periods in Anatolia started with the invention of writings

** First inscriptions in the world were used in Mesopatamia and Egypt3000 B.C

** In centuries, nomadic tribes were able to develop a settled life in modern sites from cave  shelters.


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theodor justinian
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anatolia turkey
ottoman empire should have used these fertile lands more effectively if ottomans had given the enough value to the anayolia land now turks would have been the greatest of all i believe.