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Interesting facts about Colours


 - Yellow is the quickest recalled colour.

 - The most difficult  remembered color is blue.

 - The least colour exist in the nature is  purple.

 - The most notable figure / ground relationship is with the colors of  yellow and black.

 - Open and bright colored objects are perceived as large, heavy and far .

 - Dark and saturated colored objects perceived as small, light and closer.

 - If you turn  a colour - wheel that you can only  see the white color .



Colours in  Turkish


Beyaz                    White           /        Lacivert                  Navy Blue


Sarı                       Yellow          /        Mor                        Purple


Yeşil                      Green           /        Gri                         Grey


Kırmızı                    Red              /        Kahverengi             Brown


Turuncu                 Orange         /        Pembe                   Pink


Mavi                      Blue             /        Siyah                     Black




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Hey thank you very useful information. I now can say the colours of best soccer team of Turkey Sari and Kirmizi:)