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Sakarya is an important tourism center in the Marmara region. First of all the  beaches along the Black Sea coast, lakes, rich forests , plateaus, valleys and canyons, hot water and drinking water sources are natural values ​​that Sakarya has.


Located in the northeastern part of the Marmara Region . Sakarya is a junction point in the Istanbul and Anatolia road. 


It is recommended in Sakarya to ;

Visit Sakarya museum ,

See the mosques , castles and bridges

Spend some time by the Sapanca lake

Try the healing effects of Kuzluk Spa resorts.

Go for a camping and trekking in plateaus of Sakarya .


Sakarya's climate and climate of the Marmara Region has the  features the Black Sea climate. The winters are less cold , rainy and summers are  hot.

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