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Extreme Maximum, Minimum and Average Temperatures Measured in Long Period (°C)
Maximum Temp.23.923.428.833.237.643.545.043.341.237.733.025.4
Minimum Temp.-2.0-4.0-
Average Temp.9.710.212.616.020.525.428.428.124.619.814.611.1

Measured in Long Period
Max. Precipitation25.02.1974232.8 kg/m2Max. Wind22.01.1998155.5 km/hourMax. Snow Height07.01.19935.0 cm
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29 Ekim Pazartesi, 2012
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Stephen Jone Jeans
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Weather in Antalya / Turkey
Antalya has the hottest weather conditions in Turkey with temperatures reach 50 degrees celcius however after mid of october hard rainy weather conditions can be pain in ass and ruin your holiday. If you are thinking to come in october to Antalya think twice and be sure you do not get any bed weather.