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Burdur Ulu Cami (Burdur Grand Mosque)

Built over a high hill in the Pazar street. The script written on the destroyed minaret during earthquake 1914 shows that the mosque was built in 1300. Three gates available on the west, north and east sides. Internally built semi-domed. In the direction of north gate the second community place is covered by 3 domes. Mosque was built by cut block-stones. Ceiling is wooden and roof is tiled. On the walls in the series of two sharped arched windows stand.  Minber  (pulpit beside the mihrab reached by a long, straight flight of steps) and mihrab (niche in a mosque wall indicating the direction of Mecca) are made of marble. Under The balcony of minaret is decorated with diamond shapes and stalactites

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burdur great mosque and watch tower are the symbols of burdur.