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Yalova is very close to Istanbul is a very good option to escape crowdedness and stress of Istanbul. You can go Yalova especially from Istanbul either for a picnic or dinner in a quiet and cossy atmosphere.

Yalova also attracts many tourists with Thermal resorts and natural hot spring sources having curing features. Many people who have complaint rheumatism, obesity and so on are going to Yalova thermal resorts to be healed and cured.

Karaca Arboretum  is A botanical tree garden where trees are maintained for display purposes very interesting to see .

Natural hot springs in Yalova was discovered after an earthquake occured 2000 B.C .

Source heat of the water is 66 celcius degree however it is so hot for a human  body so the temperature is being decreased to 40 degrees.

Kursunlu Banyo

It’s a hamam built 16 centuries ago in the period of Roman empreror Justinyen. As covered with a lead roof bath called as Leaded Turkish bath ( Kursunlu banyo ) .

Bath is opened 08:00 to 22:00  and entrance fee is 22 TL.

Getting Yalova

You can embark on regular schedulat ferryboats from Istanbul Kabatas . From Sirkeci almost every 30 minutes buses are going to yalova.

After you embark off from yalova you can take a taxi to get Arboretum.

I can recommend you to have a coffee break at Plane Tree Cafe.  It’s stunning to have a drink under the branches of a plane tree which is 190 years old.

After the coffee break on the way to Thermal resorts you  can go Golova Grill restaurant and have Grilled chicken , fish or meat in fresh air.


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five star service
thermal springs and resorts in yalova turkey offers great service for very reasonable. prices

21 Ocak Cumartesi, 2012
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manda scott
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yalova thermal water
yalova springs natural beauty and landscape have cured my ilness and saved me from a probable dead. i recommend you to tey yalova thermal resorts