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 The most important feature of the ice cream from Kahramanmaras is made by  saleb (the dried tubers of certain orchids) . Of course the milk used to make ice cream has peculiar features from the region. All these mixtures created the world wide known Kahraman maras ice cream.


Centuries ago  the villagers from the region had put the fresh strawberries and rasberries in to the snow on the hills of  Mount Ahir. In years instead of wild strawberries wild orchids started to use for thise mixture and created the famous ice cream of Kahramanmaras.


Ice cream of Kahramanmaras has gained the reputation from the taste as well as the servers acrobatic shows.  Most of the time when  the server gives the ice cream to you he trickly pulls the ice cream back from you and play a game. 

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22 Şubat Çarşamba, 2012
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ice cream turkey
in antalya in my holiday i was everyday eating from this ice cream. it is fun to watch servers and taste delicious as well

20 Ocak Cuma, 2012
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esra toker
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maras dondurmasi
i love watching the tricky servers of maras ice cream