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 Diyarbakir city walls

 Diyarbakir castle surrounding the natural land of Diyarbakir city seperated to 2 parts and known as exterior and interior castle.  Partly height of the walls reach to 12 mt and thicknes of wall to 3 to 5 mt extended 5 km long around the city.  On the  bastions of city walls , scripts, twinheaded eagle and lion  reliefs take an attention by visitors.  The four gates of to exterior castle; Harput gate, Urfa gate, Mardit gate and Dicle(new) gate still sustain the importance.  Located to eastside of the Mardin gate and oldest bastion called Keci(goat) bastion built by 11 vaults and corridors.  Another bastion called Nur has many figures depicting the running horse, woman, lion and  deer.  City walls enable  many oppurtinities to get in and out of the city from different directions. 

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