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Hasankeyf has been standing  adjacent to Tigris river  for centuries is a place with over 5000 thousands carved  caves and the world`s first and only opened and closed stone bridge  built over a steep cliff.  Hasankeyf was able to protect the nature and history together from the middle age .


When you get to hasankeyf and if you don’t have any one guiding  you can pick up one of the children who is going to gathered around of you to guide and explain the Hasankeyf.  The name of Hasankeyf was derived from the word Kipani which means Rock in Asyrian language. According to a rumour about the name of the Hasankeyf;   A guy whose name is hasan captured and  jailed  for  years in a castle. Hasan was depressed by staying in jail and beg the sultan of the land to ride a horse in the castle, Sultan accepted his request then Hasan started to ride the horse through the Tigres river and he fell down almost from 100 mt height to tigres river. Eventually he survived but the horse was dead.  When he was falling down from the cliff guardians asked each other what’s going on and the answer was Hasan keyf so the name of the city remembered as hasankeyf afterwards


You can start your hasankeyf trip by climbing the peek of the hill by entering from the main castle gate. Castle gate is not well preserved so the figures on the gate almost disappeared.  Castle was built over the cliff ascending like a wall and hard to reach.  A stone traverse stairway passing from 7 gates is available.  There are many tunnels and caves carved in the walls of the hill.  During the besiege of the castle some secret tunnels were made to reach the tigris river to supply water for castle. When you get to the castle at the top of the hill the view is really breathtaking.   Even the legs of the old bridge  gives tips  about the glory of the bridge in time.  The mint`s place where coin money was produced and the system to carry water from tigris river to castle is unbeliaveble.


After an exhausting walk to castle you can rest in the tents set up on the beach of tigris river.  There is a project for a dam to flourish the irrigation of the land and save the area from drought.  This project both rejoicing and sadden the local people as the dam will bring water to landbut at the same time its very sad that the Hasankeyf must go underwater.

You can spend time there until sunset and go back to your hotel with a lovely sunset view on the way back.

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29 Mayıs Salı, 2012
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christy leer
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turkey ancient sites
Turkey has a vast land with full of history in every steps. batman hasankeyf is one of these historical places survived for thousands of years.

24 Şubat Cuma, 2012
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hasankeyf is one of breathtaking style place. nature , mystic atmosphere , caves, human made beauties and of course local people with peculiar clothes from the southeastern turkey takes your mind to another world..